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Economic performances: GDP growth, inflation, unemployment...


Some Russian regions are struggling with a unemployment rate between 10 % and 50 %, namely the Republic of Ingushetiya, the Republic of Chechnya, the Republic of Tyva, the Republic of Kabardino-Balkariya, the Republic of Dagestan, the Republic of Kalmykiya, the Astrakhan Region and the Kaliningrad Region.

The Russian economy has largely improved since the financial crisis that occurred in 1998.

Russia has also improved its international trade exchange situation. The Russian trade balance is structurally positive, thanks to the natural resources that the country owns and exports (oil, natural gas or metal for example). However, there are still some economic issues that have to be faced. Russia heavily depends on the natural resources exports.


Main economic indicators for Russia

  2011 2012 2013 2014 (f)
GDP growth (%) 4.3 3.5 1.3 0.0
Inflation (yearly average) (%) 8.4 6.6 6.5 7.5
Budget balance (% GDP) 1.6 0.0 -1.3 -1.6
Current account balance (% GDP) 5.3 4.1 1.6 2.1
Public debt (% GDP) 9.8 11.8 10.8 11.6

(f) Forecast

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