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Tourism in Russia can be expensive. Foreigners may pay at least 100$/night for bad quality hotels, and up to 400$/night for the same service in St Petersbourg or Moscou.

Because of the size of the country, using the plane is often the more comfortable way to travel inside Russia. A lot of cheap and small companies are born these last years. For shorter trip, the train is the best solution. It is cheap, safe and quite comfortable, but slow. Using the car is not practical. The quality and the roads and the network are unsufficient, especially considering the climate of the country.

To move inside a city, hiring a local driver with his own car is a possible choice. It is difficult to understand traffic laws and road signs which often are in Russian language. Furthermore, foreign cars are a target for different kinds of racketers. Depending on the location, and supposing the visitor is not demanding on time spent and comfort, one can use public transportation, subways, tramways, etc.

Touristic attractions in Russia

The most popular touristic attractions are Moscow and St. Petersburg. But if you want to see the true Russia, you should go to see other cities.



St. Petersburg, Naval Monument, Aurora cruiser. The cruiser participated in the October revolution of 1917.


The Trans-Siberian Railway (TransSib) is becoming more and more popular within foreigners since some highly comfortable trains have been set for usage.


Lake Baikal in winter. Baikal holds 20% of the earth's fresh water and is fed by 336 rivers and streams.

Trans-Siberian railway



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