République tchèque

Dates and key characters of the Russian ancient history


A journey through centuries

Historically and ethnically, the Russian state is directly related to Ukraine and Byelorussia. But long-lasting Scandinavian and later Mongolian-Tatar invasions have much influenced the Russian origins.

Russian ancestors come from northern people: Slavs and Vikings. But they were influenced by different cultures and people such as the Mongols during the first part of the 1st millenary.

Prince Vladimir converted Russians to Catholicism in 988. The state of Russia was founded in the year 1000. The separation of the Byzantine and Roman Churches occurred during the 11th century. This marked the future of both Western Europe and Eastern Europe, including Russia.


The first russian tsar, Ivan IV Vasiljevich, the Terrible (1530-1584).



From Kievan Rus, the first Russian state, to the Russian Federation, territorial expansion and a relentless attempt to keep the acquired territories have been the major characteristic of the country’s history.

Under Peter the Great, Russia became a big Empire, open to Europe. These were years of remarkable modernisation and scientific development of Russia.


Peter theGreat, 1672-1725. Under his rule, Russia became a great European nation. Peter proclaimed Russia an Empire and was accorded the title of Emperor of All Russia.


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