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Russia in international geopolitics


Since May 2004, Russia has become a neighbour of the European Union.

Russia is a member of the IMF and World Bank, has a status of observer in the OECD and is eager to join the WTO.

The basis for cooperation with the EU is the Partnership and Cooperation Agreement of December 1997 and the Common Strategy on Russia adopted by the EU in June 1999.



25% of the world's fresh water, 20% of the world's known oil reserves, the world's largest natural gas reserves, the largest diamond reserves, and the second largest coal reserves are in Russia.

UN Security Council. Russia is a permanent member of the UN Security Council and thus has the right of veto.



Russia was the first country to put humans into outer space and has currently more experience than any other nation in long-term space habitation. Russia has also enormous nuclear weapons reserves.


g8 in Russia

G8 Members. In 2006, Russia has assumed the presidency of the Group of Eight industrialized Powers and hosted its annuel Summit.


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