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Mentalities and values of the Russians


Russian values

Some Russian traditional values may seem strange for foreigners: the Russians do not think that cheating is bad, often develop and maintain close relationships with their neighbours...

An eternal hope for a better future and prolonged patience are a constant subject of the Russian literature : the Russians have a critically ironical attitude to their country, laugh at their difficulties and hope that once “ every dog has its day ”.


humor Mikhail Zadornov, a very popular Russian humorist. Famous for his ironical critics of the government and funny stories about everyday life difficulties.

The Russian spirit

The Russian spirit has often been described as complex and irrational.

Going to extremes & emotivity, generosity & hospitality, collectivism & leisure orientation have been always presented as the main features of the Russians.

zeppelin-moscow Zeppelin, a fashionable night club in Moscow, has a solid reputation for attracting Moscow's most glamorous club goers and for practising a very strict “ face control ”.


Nationalism is also a part of the Russian character.


“ Russia will continue to dance and to cry after under a fence ! ”.

A writer, film director, actor Vasili Shukshin.

His last novel and film “ Kalina Krasnaya ” (The Red snowball tree, 1974) brightly described the national Russian character.  


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